Calendar and Events

First, here is a list of dates for the two sessions, in case you forget which week we’re in. The BoA sessions are on alternate Mondays and the¬†Bath sessions on alternate Wednesdays plus the two sessions are on alternate weeks so there’s never a week with two sessions on.

All the sessions start at 8.30 pm.

Dates in 2019 for the Swan Hotel,
Bradford on Avon
Jan 14th
Jan 28th
Feb 11th
Feb 25th
Mar 11th
Mar 25th
Apr 8th
Apr 22nd
May 6th
May 20th
Jun 3rd
Jun 17th
Jul 1st
Jul 15th
Jul 29th
Aug 12th
Aug 26th
Sep 9th
Sep 23rd
Oct 7th
Oct 21st
Nov 4th
Nov 18th
Dec 2nd
Dec 16th *
Dec 30th *

* Contact us or the pub to check this session is on before coming

Dates in 2019 for the Packhorse,
South Stoke, Bath
Jan 9th
Jan 23rd
Feb 6th
Feb 20th
Mar 6th
Mar 20th
Apr 3rd
Apr 17th
May 1st
May 15th
May 29th
Jun 12th
Jun 26th
Jul 10th
Jul 24th *
Aug 7th *
Aug 21st *
Sep 4th
Sep 18th
Oct 2nd
Oct 16th
Oct 30th
Nov 13th
Nov 27th
Dec 11th
Dec 25th (closed)

* Session closed for the summer. As normal in September.

We are also involved in running some sessions at festivals. These sessions are run in the name of the Bath and BoA sessions, a lot of people from the sessions turn up and, judging by previous experience, a good time is had by all. The sessions are at Priddy and Bath Folk Festivals, but we’re open to offers for others.

We have a mailing list for session regulars so if there is a cancellation (rare, but it did happen once) we can let everyone know quickly. If you want to be on it just let me know your email address at a session.


Gone but not forgotten!

Thursday 21st April 2011 for one night only

A special session to welcome the Folk Trail walkers as they pass through Bath. The session starts at 8.30 as usual and the walkers will join us at about 9. Lots of music and song are to be expected. You can learn more about the Folk Trail walk from Lands End to John O’Groats here.

Sunday July 17th 2011¬† at 12.00 am at The George at Woolley, as part of the Woolley Street Festival. This is, of course, the home of the Bradford on Avon session and it is gratifying to be asked to take part. This session will be particularly good for taking the music to people who don’t usually hear it.