Some tracks that have been recorded by Mr Punch’s Studio.


David Moss of the band Lightgarden is currently (Jan 2017) recording tracks with me for his forthcoming solo CD. There is some lovely music coming along here and this is one of my favourites. Composed by David, he plays mandola and mandolino.


I sing with the 3-part folk close harmony group Eagle Alley, and here is a track from our current EP All In Harmony, the second CD to be released on the Mr Punch’s Studio label. If you like this come to our website wehere you can hear more ands learn where to buy the EP.


This next recording has been our most complex project so far, the full castĀ  recording of Anne Gregson’s opera Make Room For Mummers for eight singers, nine musicians and a conductor. It is also the first CD to be released by us under Mr Punch’s name! The opera has five movements, of which this is the second. As we start (with a quite deliberate discord), the fiery dragon is threatening the princess and not one but two heroes step forward to defend her. For more information about the opera and the CD please see the web site: the Fiery Dragon Folk Opera Company.


Here’s a song by Tim Graham from his EP Absent Minded Traveller:


Sue Harding is a singer-songriter from Bath with a beautiful and unusual voice and a lovely line in songs. This song (her own composition) was recorded in the studio in December 2012:


This song was written by Peter Barrett and Ian Gilchrist and recorded by Mr Punch’s Studio forĀ  a song competition in Bath. This was a fairly complex project as it involved three singers, guitar, French horn, multiple flutes, mandolin and Tibetan finger cymbals!


I recorded the Sing Alive choirs of Bradford on Avon and Devizes during their joint public Christmas concert in 2014 as a full live recording using Neumann and Earthworks matched pairs of mics into my Tascam DR680 recorder.


This set of English dance tunes is performed by the Bath City Jubilee Waits. Because of the number of musicians involved (about 12) I adopted a “live” approach to recording, arranging the performers to face a stereo mic with two outrider cardioid mics. That’s me leading off on concertina!


This next song is a live recording made by Mr Punch’s Studio in the George At Woolley in December 2011. I think it really captures the atmosphere of fun and full-on singing in the pub. For more information about village carol sings in Bradford on Avon see this website.

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