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Eagle Alley

An English close harmony folk group and their friends


Stop press: we have just released our first EP – see the Recordings tab for details

We are Eagle Alley and welcome to our website, there’s plenty here for you to look at or listen to. Whatever the reason you’ve arrived, whether you were looking for us or just happened upon us, please hang around and listen to some of our music. If you like what you hear then come back in a month or two to listen to what’s new.

So, a few words about us. Eagle Alley is a close harmony group based in Bath and Bradford on Avon. We are a little unusual in that we are a core group of three singers plus a couple of friends who join us when they can to enrichen the sound. The core group are (from the left in the photo above) Anne Gregson, Rob Winder and Chris Timson. Our friends (in the photo below) are Sue Harding and Owen Hanner, also Tim Graham who is not in this photo.

“Three voices combine to thrilling effect” – Tim Carter, Off the Beaten Track, Somer Valley FM

So, make yourself comfortable and look around. We hope you will enjoy what you hear and see. Start with the video below, which comes from our performance in the Cloisters of Iford Manor in 2015.