"Concertina ... the result of an accident between two moving vehicles" (English - Thai dictionary)

1. Introduction

This document is a brief introduction to the concertina. It attempts to answer some of the questions I have seen in rec.music.makers.squeezebox plus others which would have been helpful to me when I first picked up this fascinating, frustrating and delightful instrument. It is not a true FAQ in that it is not in question-and-answer format, but I have never found that a conducive form in which to write.

As I am a UK player this document will unavoidably have a British bias. I would welcome any information from players elsewhere in the world that I can incorporate into later versions. Please e-mail me with any corrections, additions and comments. I myself play the anglo concertina. My partner in crime, Anne Gregson, plays the English.

Thanks are due to various people who reviewed this document, and in particular Colin Dipper of C & R Dipper Concertinas who made many helpful suggestions, and Phoebe Sengers who originally produced the hypertext version and for some time made it available on her site. All opinions not directly credited are, however, my own.

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