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Eagle Alley

An English close harmony folk group from along Bath way


Here are some songs recorded at Mr Punch’s Studio which can be found on our EPs See you when the sun goes down … and All In Harmony.

This first song is in fact the last song from our new EP See you when the sun goes down… It is a fishermen’s shanty from the menhaden fishing grounds of the Atlantic. The last line of the shanty gives our EP its name.

Adrian Shaw is a good friend of ours who lives on the K&A and has written some cracking songs, of which this is one. It’s a very angry song, so be aware that the language matches the anger. It’s also on See you when the sun goes down…

This song from All in Harmony is written by Rob which he calls Scarborough So Fair, and you could think of it as the back story to the well known song with a vaguely similar name …

And finally a chorus song called While We Are Together that we all love dearly, it’s almost impossible not to feel good singing this West Country song. It closes All in Harmony.