English Music Sessions in Bradford on Avon

So much has changed as we emerge into a post-Covid world. Our home for many happy years, the Swan Hotel, is closing and so we have had to find a new home and with it a new week-night, Tuesdays. We hope the session will be as musical at its new home, the Dandy Lion.


This site is dedicated to the English music session that runs fortnightly in Bradford on Avon. On this site we want to tell you about the sessions and what to expect at them. We also want to tell you about the music we play and provide resources for people who want to know more.

Here’s where we hold our sessions:

Alternate Tuesdays in Bradford on Avon
The Dandy Lion, Bradford on Avon
3 Market St,
Bradford on Avon,
Wiltshire. BA15 1LL

The session the session starts at 7.30 pm and runs on till 10 or thereabouts.

A note about parking. The Dandy Lion is right in the centre of BoA just opposite our old home at the Swan. It has no parking of its own and the best places to park are the other (south) side of the Town Bridge in the library car park, St Margaret’s car park or the station car park (or, if you’re very lucky, Church St opposite the pub).

If you’re a musician, come and join in. If you just want to listen, you’re welcome as well. If you are just starting then we hope the material on this site will help.


Chris and Anne

Phone: 01225 864706