There are a number of good links on the Resources page; this page has some links of more general interest or associated with the sessions in other ways.

The Widcombe Mummers – Started by the late and much missed session regular Ian Gilchrist some years ago, this flourishing mummers side performs every New Year’s Day and many of the session regulars play in the marching band.

The Bath City Jubilee Waits – Also started by the indefatigable Ian Gilchrist and again featuring a number of session regulars, the Bath Waits are a group of musicians with the task of supplying music on some civic occasions. The repertoire is based on English dance music – in fact the web site states “The repertoire is currently defined by what gets played in the fortnightly  ‘Full English’ traditional music sessions at the Royal Oak”, which is very kind of them.

The Concertina FAQ – Only of interest, really, to concertina players or people who want to find out about the concertina, this site is listed here because I built and maintain it and it’s my main claim to Internet fame, mainly because of its longevity – I wrote the first draft back in 1995!