Welcome to the website of Mr Punch’s Studio.

We are a small studio in Bradford on Avon specialising in recording folk and classical acoustic performers. We can also handle some types of location recording. The other pages on this site will tell you more about us, what we have and what we can offer, but the thing that distinguishes us is our background as singers and musicians involved for many years in singing and playing English traditional and contemporary music and song.

David Moss of the band Lightgarden had this to say:

Chris Timson’s patience, good humour and skill made my solo CD a pleasure to create, from initial recordings through to mixing and mastering. We also managed to fit in all four members of LightGarden  plus blown, plucked and bowed  instruments to record a track for their album. Space was limited on that occasion, but again, patience and humour won the day and the result was exactly what we wanted. On the technical side he has more than enough capacity for small acoustic groups and his state of the art mics, which look unnervingly like items from a dentist’s tray, transmit a clean, authentic and faithful sound to the final reproduction. I unreservedly recommend Mr Punch’s Studio as the place for recording all acoustic adventures.

I should say that there is a lot of wonderful music coming on David’s CD and you can hear a track on the Portfolio tab.

Here’s Tim Graham on recording his EP Absent Minded Traveller here:

Chris (Mr Punch) did an excellent job producing my latest E.P, he was professional with his setup, advice and feedback as the recording process went on. My ideas were fully realised during the three day-long sessions and any new twists I wanted to try were accommodated by Chris’ wish to push himself as an engineer! As well as the mixdown, Chris also mastered the recording for me with an astounding turnaround time to the finished result.

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