What we are and what we aren’t

What we are

The enterprise grew, as these things often do, from a hobby. For a good few years now I have been interested in recording and have bought and sold my way through a lot of equipment, learning how to use it and having a fair bit of fun. Things began to get a bit more serious when my partner Anne became a part time music student at Bath Spa University and I needed to produce high quality recordings to support her.

It became clear that the level of equipment I now have and the skills that I have acquired enable us, within the areas that we are working, to produce recordings that can fairly be called professional quality. When I took early retirement I at last had the time to do it properly. The next step was to rework the recording area into a proper, acoustically sound small studio space. This is now complete. The studio is well suited to recording solo or small groups of acoustically-based singers and musicians.

We can also handle some location recording. For instance we recorded the Bradford on Avon Carollers some years back year, 14 musicians and nearly 100 singers crowded into a pub. The recordings were very successful.

Our goal is to provide a service to people early in their careers or perhaps overawed by the large studio, who want to hear what they sound like in a quality recording orĀ  to produce a properly recorded CD. At the risk of sounding like the League of Gentlemen we want to provide a local service for local people.

What we aren’t

We aren’t a label. We will record you and do our level best to produce a good CD (or whatever delivery format you require) for you but it’s up to you to take the masters we provide and make copies of it, package it and market it.

We aren’t set up to record rock groups or drum kits in general, I’m afraid. Sorry about that.

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