List of Works

If you would like to perform any of these pieces then please contact me.

I am open to suggestions for different combinations of instruments/voices to play these pieces and would be happy to re-arrange them to suit if this will assist in performance and is not detrimental to the work.

If there is anything here that interests you and the score is not available on the Scores page then please contact me and I may be able to oblige.

Instrumental Works

Lantern of the West (for 4 sustaining instruments) – 2019
Endless Journey (for piano plus two sustaining instruments) – 2019
Lament for a Music Teacher (for 4 sustaining instruments) – 2018
Inegales (improvisatory piece for mixed ensemble) – 2016
Swineherd Life, from The Rise and Fall of King Bladud (for string quartet) – 2016
Adagio for String Quartet – 2015
Blossom on the Water (for piano, violin and Bb clarinet) – 2014
The Fiddler at the Gates of Dawn (for solo violin) – 2014
Diatonic Dance (improvisatory piece for mixed ensemble) – 2014
Perfect View (for mixed ensemble) – 2014
The Mountain Calls (for string quartet plus harp) – 2012
Crystal Dance (for sustaining instrument plus harp) – 2011
Midnight (for sustaining instrument plus piano) – 2011
The Royal Oak Polka (for solo violin or ensemble, as played in the opera Make Room For Mummers) – 2010
Peaceful Harbour (for flute, clarinet, baritone English concertina and piano) – 2009
Steam Fair (for two concertinas) – 1990
Bartok’s Last Stand (for two concertinas) – 1986
Groovin’ With Mr Lachenal (for three concertinas) – 1986

Instrumental Works With Ellacombe Chimes

Ellacombe’s Surprise (for Ellacombe Chimes) – 2016
Minimal Chimes (for Ellacombe Chimes, Flute, Violin and Harmonium) – 2016
Variations on Bellringing Sequences (for Ellacombe Chimes, Flute, Violin and Harmonium) – 2016

Songs with Accompaniment

“Music”, from a poem of that name by Amy Lowell (for Soprano and flute or soprano, flute and piano) – 2016
Three Songs of the Morning (with piano accompaniment) – 2014
– The First Bird
– It’s So Early
– I Will Arise
The Fiddler (with violin accompaniment) – 1992
When it Comes to the Evening (with concertina accompaniment) – 1992
Rainy Weather (with concertina accompaniment) – 1985

Song Cycle

The Rise and Fall of King Bladud, a collaboration with poet Keri Hendy (song cycle for soprano, tenor and string quartet) – 2016

Music with Overtone Singing

Harmonics for Two Voices (for two unaccompanied overtone singers) – 2016
Harmonics for Tenor and Harmonium (for tenor overtone singer and harmonium) – 2016


Make Room For Mummers (for seven voices and eleven instruments) – 2010

Songs from the opera:
There is a Dragon (solo)
England so Green (available for harmony singing and with ensemble)
Eating of Maidens (available for harmony singing and with ensemble)
Let us all be Merry (available for harmony singing and with ensemble)
Roam Old England Round (available for harmony singing and with ensemble)

Songs for Unaccompanied harmony voices

The Orchard Wassail – 2019
This Time Again – 1993 revised for choir 2020
When I Come Home – 1990 revised for choir 2020
Green Grows the Holly (words by Henry VIII) – 2013
Lantern of the West – 2010
All In Harmony – 1993
Peaceful Harbour – 1986

Other Songs Without Accompaniment

Everyone Sang (words by Siegfried Sassoon) – 2015
The Trees in the Summer – 1995
Come Trust in Me – 1993
God bless the Day – 1993
The Artist and the Seagull – 1974