As noted earlier I have been strongly influenced by the folk music of the British Isles and have spent much time playing in sessions and the like. As a result I have written a number of tunes that I play in sessions for my fellow sessioneers to play along with in the time-hallowed session manner. This has led to me being asked by my fellow musicians for “the dots” for many of these tunes and so I’ve placed them on this page.

Apple Tree
Autumn Sunset
Come Let Us All Be Merry
Dream of Two Fiddlers
Eating of Maidens is a Horrid Thing to Do
England So Green
Fiddle Maker’s Birthday
French Grass
I Don’t Need You
Jumping the Petting Stool
Lament for a Music Teacher
The Lantern of the West
Midsummer Mazurka
The Mountain Man
Over the Bay
The Packhorse Polka
Peaceful Harbour
River Valley Train Ride