The bells, part 3 …

Well it’s a bit hectic right now because I’m approaching the end of my Masters course and there is a requirement that everything I have composed for the course must be performed – an excellent requirement, in my opinion, but hard work!

My investigations into Ellacombe Chimes paid off and yesterday there was a performance of several of my works at St Mary’s Church, Bitton, near Bath. What all these works had in common was the use of church bells played using the Ellacombe Chimes, with accompaniments from a group of singers and musicians playing in the open air by the church. The weather was good and there was a good sized audience and the music was lovely. Here is one of the pieces played, named Minimal Chimes:-


You can hear contributions to the music made by passing birds and an airliner. It all helped to enrich the sound, in my opinion.

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