The Fiery Dragon Company flies again!

Earlier this year (2018) I brought together some very fine musicians I had met to play some of my music. They were so enthusiastic that it was natural to propose forming a group to perform in public. The opera Make Room For Mummers had been performed on all three occasions by an ad hoc group of singers and musicians under the name The Fiery Dragon Folk Opera Company and it seemed entirely appropriate to re-use the name for this new venture. And so the Fiery Dragon Company was born (or, perhaps, reborn).

On the 18th May we had our first gig at St John the Evangelist Church in Bath. Of course given my track record with bells you won’t be surprised to hear the concert involved Ellacombe chimes. In the earlier concert (as you can hear in the post dated 26/9/16) the musicians played outside in the church yard. This was not really possible at St John’s, which is a city centre pub with rain forecast (though in the event it was a beautiful evening) so we needed to move the Fiery Dragon Company indoors. But another problem then arises which is that church bells are pretty quiet inside the church itself.

My husband Chris came up with the idea of placing a radio mic in the belfry which relayed the sound of the bells down to a speaker in the main body of the church. The group then formed up round the speaker and performed as an ensemble including the bells as another instrument in fulfilment of my long ambition to do this. Chris recorded the concert and you can hear some of the music played on the Listen tab as well as the Fiery Dragon Company‘s own website.

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